Galenium uses the following tools and frameworks:


Galenium uses Maven as a build tool to enable automated build operations. Maven applies patterns to the steps of a project lifecycle such as build, test, package, document and deploy.

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Galenium uses JUnit’s parallelization features which allow multiple threads to handle test cases concurrently.

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Galenium uses Selenium to automate browser related tasks. Selenium can be used as a software testing framework for web applications. Selenium includes the component Selenium Grid. Selenium Grid can run multiple tests in parallel on multiple servers. The Selenium client driver connects to the Selenium hub component instead of the Selenium server.

  • The hub has a list of servers that provide access to browser instances (WebDriver nodes).
  • Tests contact the hub to obtain access to browser instances.
  • Different browser versions and browser configurations can be managed centrally and are used by individual tests.

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Galenium uses Galen for image comparison. In Galen the page layout is defined by the position of test objects relative to each other on the page. For this purpose, a special syntax and rules are used to describe the layout of a page.

Example: The position of a logo in relation to the navigation, the position of the navigation in relation to the content area. Galen uses Selenium Grid to drive different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer. Interactions with the webpage are written in JavaScript with an interface to Selenium.

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Galenium uses Allure which is a HTML reporting framework for Java.

  • Logs in test case report.
  • Interactive reports
    • For example, clicking on a failed test case will show the status of the test and the reason of the failure (exception details).
  • Pie charts (or circle charts) based on test case status.
  • Step summaries.
  • Report filtering depending on status.
  • Fetching system details such as OS, Java version, memory etc.
  • Attaching screenshots within reports.

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